Family Winery

Sixth generation of a family dedicated to the vineyard and wine production.

Bodegas Las Orcas is a small winery located in the village of Laguardia, Rioja Alavesa.

Lucía Abando San Pedro belongs to the sixth generation of a family dedicated to the vineyard and wine production. Recently incorporated to the family business, she has come to stay and bring a breath of fresh air to the winery.

In 1994, Cristina San Pedro Rández and Raimundo Abando, after their marriage, they jointly set up Bodegas Las Orcas, with her parent’s help and support, Javier y Cristina.

Laguardia, nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Cantabrian Mountains, is a place where the vineyard and the wine are the main characters of this area. From the underground wineries, which date back to the Middle Ages, to the latest ones of the 21st-century. A balance between tradition and modernity.

This is the balance that Cristina and Raimundo have been looking for since the beginning, and it will be continued with the incorporation of their daughter Lucía.

Lucía is graduated in Agronomic Engineering from the Public University of Navarra and Mendel University in Brno (Czech Republic). She has also done the Enabling Master of Agronomic Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and a Master in Innovative Oenology at the Public University of the Basque Country and the Public University of Navarra in cooperation with the University of Bordeaux.

Her philosophy is very clear, show the essence of their vineyards in their wines, with innovative ideas while respecting the good work and the tradition that characterize her parents.

The Abando San Pedro family currently works with 10 hectares of their own vineyards and controls other 12 hectares, all of them located in the village of Laguardia.

Carrying out the new winery involves unifying the experience of Raimundo and Cristina, the knowledge and freshness of Lucía and the new technologies, in order to obtain wines with unique personality which combine terroir, tradition and modernity.

In the heart of our vineyards we find the winery !!!


We have just built a new building for the winery surrounded by our vineyards.

The new winery is in line with the new approach we want to give to our project with the incorporation of Lucía.

We have looked for a place to work that respects the characteristic and important environment that surrounds us and at the same time incorporates the new technological advances that provide that twist that we are looking for in the wines, always respecting the terroir and tradition but with that touch of modernity that this winery is providing us.

The winery is divided into different buildings, the winemaking hall, the wine ageing hall, with a capacity for 500 French oak barrels, as well as the bottling area, the warehouse, offices, tasting room, wine bar and much more !!!!

We invite you all to come and visit us!!!


Our vineyards are located in a privileged place; sheltered by the Sierra Cantabrian Mountains to the north and by the waters of the Ebro River to the south. It is an exceptional area for the production of great wines: Mediterranean climate, altitude of the vineyards (between 500 and 700 metres), soil quality, clay-calcareous, and a sufficient rainfall (between 500-600 mm).

Our wines are elaborated with the best grapes of the varieties Tempranillo, Graciano, Garnacha y Viura, selected from our own vineyards, as well as from the controlled ones.

Among them, we can highlight:

One of the most emblematic vineyards of the Abando San Pedro family, planted 30 years ago, has an area of 4.2 hectares.

It is at an average altitude of 535 metres and it is only 2.5 km form the medieval village of Laguardia.

The vineyard is a vertical trellis with bilateral cordon system.

The predominant variety is Tempranillo, but there is also a small area with Garnacha and Viura.

This is the place where our Crianza comes from, a full, potent, well balanced wine that has a strong fruity character.

The most characteristic vineyard of the family. It is a 60-year-old bush-trained vineyard with an extension of 2.8 hectares.

A vineyard mainly made up of Tempranillo, except for the front part, the highest zone, where we find our most distinguished Viura.

This is the origin for our Reserve, an elegant, long wine with a fruity character.

It is the only family vineyard with Graciano variety.

It is located in an excellent environment surrounding one of the four lakes that belong to Laguardia, declared a protected biotype by the UNESCO.

This vineyard is made up of 2.7 hectares and was planted 20 years ago.

It is a vertical trellis with bilateral cordon system.

This is the place where our emblematic Pagos de Valdeorca comes from.

“Vineyards that belong to the excellent environment of the cultural landscape of wine in Rioja Alavesa”